"Will's spirit is of a true Healer. His intuition and compassion are as intense as his hands. A session is truly a step towards harmony"

-David L, author

"Will does a fantastic job of working the knots out of the body! He has even been able to release some knots that were several years old, from previous injuries. Sometimes I am totally energized after a massage, other times, I am super relaxed and low key. He is also very good with kids. After one roller-coaster ride too many, my daughter needed neck and back work. He worked out the muscle knots in her the first time. She said she felt like her regular self after just 30 minutes! She still likes to get a massage whenever school has been stressful, and it only takes 20 minutes now for her to feel energized. (Parent is required to stay in the room with a fully clothed child). Will listens to the body and doesn't over-work a person.  As long as I drink my water after a massage, I have no pain from Will getting several knots out from the previous month's stress. You will feel like you are getting your money's worth when you get a massage from Will. Getting a massage from Will helps to keep me healthy!"

                                                                  -Katie W, Teacher

"Will listened to my medical history and my goals for improving aspects of my life, especially with my health. He also shared his experiences and how much he loves his job. He said he will continue doing his job until his hands give out, and by god's grace, they never will. When you meet a person that has a passion for what he/she does, it shows. There are few people like that and Will is one of them."


"Will has been a wellness revelation for me. I have been receiving massage for over 40 years, and have had some great therapists over that time but Will ranks right at the top. He healed my 4-year chronic torn rotator cuff mobility injury in just 2 sessions. Prior to seeing Will I also incurred a racquetball injury in a very tough to treat area that took me off the court for 6-8 weeks. In my first session with Will it went away, came back slightly a week later and with a second sessionhas never returned (as of this writing it is now 8 months later and I play 3-4 times a week). Based on my personal success with Will I have referred 6 other friends to him who also have seen amazing results. I will continue to refer him with full enthusiasm and true belief that he can help find a way to heal those in need."

                                                                 - Gary D. -