Will THEN:

At 15 I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. Over the next 4 years I had 4 surgeries.  All of them failed. I was left with a lifetime prescription of Motrin, excruciating pain, difficulty walking and exhaustion.

I didn't know what kind of job I would be able to hold or what was to become of me at 19. Then I had an opportunity to study massage as a possible career--or at least "something" to take my mind off the daily pain.​

Will's CHANGE:

There I discoverd Reiki, a Japanese healing form that draws upon spiritually guided energy to help facilitate healing, as well as Qigoing to helpme assist my energy through breath and movement. 6 months, and a lot of energy work later, I could get through the day without pain or drugs. A year later, I could almost forget I had a hernia. Later, i studied Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, which listens and helps to potentize the primary respiration of energies, tissues and structure to help resolve my systemic trauma from the mulitple surgeries. 

A combination of Reiki, Biodynamic work and Qigoing helped heal something doctors told me could never be healed. After years of feeling defeated and not knowing how I could live with the pain, I was running and playing sports. I finally had my life back.
I have an exciting and rich life. My injuries are all but gone. My professional life as a healer has become a thriving business. Now, i help others learn to heal themselves, and others, as well as provide a space for an authentic learning of the human process. My spiritual journey finds me practicing a lot of meditation and outdoors fun. I hike, camp and occasionally nerd-out at RPG parties and events. I am part of Hardcore-Bardcore, a silly limerick based comedy duo. I am also in a band, Northern Strangers. We perform original music, covers, and tributes all over LA. I currently reside in Santa Clarita, where i have multiple spaces for therapists to bring healing to other humans. I am now very active and happy. It was work. Work I now share.



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